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Finding the right channel mix for inclusive government service delivery

12 December 2019

Governments are increasingly shifting to digital channels to keep up with citizen expectations. But is simply moving everything online a viable solution? Deloitte’s Byron Riessen and Australia Post’s Regis Bauchiere share their insights on access and engagement.

Making employment screening easier – while managing risk

02 September 2019

The increasing use of technology and rise of employment fraud have changed employment risk profiles. Australia Post Workforce Verification, a new employment screening platform, aims to help strike a balance between workplace risk and employee experience.

Why speed is the least interesting feature of the NPP

30 July 2018

Speed is the first thing that’s associated with the NPP but its design is also meant to spark innovative thinking around business processes and the customer experience.

Australia’s cardless future: The new payment platforms driving our digital economy

09 July 2018

Australians have quickly embraced ‘tap and go’ payments in bricks and mortar stores but our payment future could be cardless – not just cashless.

The next wave of tech powering Australia’s digital economy

09 July 2018

In the near future we could be using virtual assistants to run our lives, voice technology to inform our buying decisions and connected devices to manage everything else.

The innovators of the digital economy

07 June 2018

Transforming from a postal organisation into an international eCommerce business, Australia Post has invested in the building blocks of eCommerce to help its customers ride the wave of digital disruption.

Four global insights that could shape Australia’s digital licensing framework

12 April 2018

Digital licensing requires a major shift in consumer habits, and business and government processes.

Licences vs. identity: Rethinking the real purpose of digital licensing

12 April 2018

Many digitisation efforts today revolve around identity rather than licensing. This could mean that we’re missing a big opportunity to meet consumer needs.

Opening up the barcode

05 April 2018

The next generation of bill payers expect to make cashless payment transactions via their mobile phones. Here’s how billers can get ready.

How biometrics is changing identity and financial services in Australia

17 January 2018

Biometrics are becoming a significant part of our everyday lives from getting our identity verified to making financial transactions.

How an emerging cashless society is changing payments in Australia

05 December 2017

New payments infrastructure and technologies are driving the trend of cashless payments in Australia.

How Alipay is unlocking eCommerce growth in Australia

21 November 2017

Alipay has been on-boarded onto AlphaCommerceHub to unlock eCommerce growth and create a frictionless payments experience for Australian vendors and their customers.

The future of identity services lies in choice, control and security

06 October 2017

Australia Post is leading the transformation of digital and physical identity solutions to deliver a better customer experience and unlock huge economic benefits for Australia.

What Apple’s Face ID means for Australia Post’s Digital iD™

21 September 2017

Cameron Gough looks at how Apple’s Face ID will help Australia Post’s Digital iD™ and the key distinction between the two.

Transforming our payments services to support Australian businesses

15 September 2017

Australia Post has entered the fintech space and is transforming its payments services to better support Australian businesses.

Protecting consumers in a digital age

12 September 2017

Protecting consumers’ privacy in a digital age involves much more than just meeting regulatory requirements.

How digital identity could resolve the privacy paradox

14 June 2017

Australia Post’s new digital identity platform could resolve the trade-off between convenience and privacy.

The 5 privacy trends impacting organisations today

30 May 2017

Australia Post spoke with five industry leaders who identified the trends impacting the way large organisations manage the privacy and security of their customers.

How regulation and technology are shaping the future of privacy and security

26 May 2017

Key industry leaders discuss Mandatory Data Breach Reporting, individual control over their privacy and the right of enforcement authorities to access your personal information.

How new technology can help solve the eVoting challenge

22 March 2017

The secure, anonymous and transparent tech that could make it possible.

Is Australia ready for eVoting?

21 March 2017

Consumer preferences are in favour of eVoting, as long as traditional voting options remain. But there are other benefits worth considering.

eVoting: The Global Digital Democracy

20 March 2017

Given that every nation has a unique cultural and political environment, it would be difficult to find one eVoting system that fits all. But we can learn from the experiences of others.

The Consumer Conundrum

23 January 2017

Identity moments occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - whether it’s our own identity, or when acting on behalf of someone else. Whether we’re navigating the health system or picking up a parcel or prescription, we constantly need to prove we are who we say we are.

The relationship between trust and identity

10 January 2017

If digital identities are to increase the amount of online transacting and help the new economy grow, they will have to be trusted by consumers

A world without borders

19 December 2016

Our highly digital, globally-connected markets have changed the way we do business, access services and make purchases. eCommerce customers or product suppliers could be anywhere in the world – but how can we be sure they are who they say they are?

Fuelling Uber’s expansion into regional Australia

06 December 2016

When Uber looked to expand into regional Australia, it utilised Australia Post’s established network and identity capability to help fuel its growth.

Unlocking up to $11 billion of opportunity

05 December 2016

The value of a single digital identity for Australia.

Digital ID: Why it’s crucial for the new economy

05 December 2016

Digital identities are crucial for making online transactions cheaper and more convenient.

How blockchain will change your business

29 September 2016

Blockchain will change the way we transact, keep record and manage contracts. Here’s a simple explanation of what it is and what it does.

Customers embracing self-service

28 September 2016

Your customers expect access to self service. Here's why that's a good thing for your organisation.

Connecting our communities to services

19 April 2016

In this Golden Age of instant, mobile connectivity, we – as a nation – have an exciting opportunity to create a more dynamic and productive economy that delivers benefits for all Australians.

Australia Post’s agile approach to digital transformation

23 March 2016

Australia Post's response to the challenges of disruption has been to become one of the biggest digital agencies you've never heard of.