We take online security seriously. That's why we've developed KeyPost, an electronic authentication service, to help you protect your customers as well as your brand's online reputation.

Verify identity for digital certificates

Our KeyPost service is accredited by the Federal Government to perform identity authentication of individuals or organisations that are applying for digital certificates. This comprehensive identity checking service can also be used for other business models that require an intensive background check.

Authenticating an applicant’s identity via our KeyPost service involves these simple steps:

  1. The applicant completes an online form and prints it out.
  2. The applicant then takes the form and required original documents to a participating post office for identity verification.
  3. Australia Post performs an evidence of identity (EOI) check and sends all documentation to our KeyPost service centre.
  4. A secondary check is performed in our KeyPost room and all documentation is securely stored.
  5. Once the final check is completed, the organisation concerned will be notified of the outcome so it can issue a digital certificate to the applicant.