Optimise physical and digital forms

By managing the design, production and distribution of paper-based and digital forms for large organisations, we’re able to reduce manual handling and improve data integrity.

We have the scope and scale to effectively manage the entire form lifecycle from the initial design and development right through to hosting and version control.

Our form service benefits include:

  • Improving accessibility and increasing customer acquisition rates 
  • Minimising risk and liability by helping customers meet compliance requirements
  • Reducing resourcing, administrative, material and storage costs 
  • Lessening queues on your premises

We can also develop "talking forms" to ensure accessibility for vision-impaired consumers.

Implement secure information workflows

Integrating paper-based and online form design with our image and data capture technologies enables us to extract key information from both types of documents.

This information is then split into digital images, indexed data and metadata which makes it easy to sort into hundreds of categories and sub-categories. All this information is then redistributed into back-end systems and automated workflows for further processing.

For example, the customised IT system that we designed for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) captures and indexes all claim-related mail before assigning each one a unique document number and digital signature.

The solution also assists the TAC in complying with specific legislative guidelines relating to the handling and storage of documents and records.

Efficiently manage large volumes of mail

We’ve spent the last 20 years helping large organisations manage their daily volumes of mail.

Our physical and digital mailroom services provide a omni-channel solution consisting of screening, categorising and sorting incoming information into consolidated data streams. This information is then delivered directly into an organisation’s business systems and workflows at the beginning of each business day.

For example, the Bank of Queensland turned to us for a solution when a growing number of daily mailbags increased the risk of mail delay and error rates.Now we sort all their incoming mail offsite for three of the bank’s busiest states - Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria - and move sensitive documents efficiently through its retail branches, banking centres, administration offices and head office.

Digitise and store information securely

Increasing reports of information security breaches throughout the world has made the secure storage of document and information crucial to maintaining trust between service providers and consumers.

Our offsite processing and archiving facilities give us the capability to safely transport and store sensitive digital documents. This means organisations are able to manage customer records remotely as well as retrieve archived information from our password protected electronic repository service.

Workflow functionality can also be added to this solution so stored data can be routed to selected users and processed through to completion stage.

This is a big step towards a paperless working environment, maximising valuable floor space and eliminating physical storage and retrieval costs.

Synchronise payment workflows

One of an organisation's most time-consuming processes is a traditional paper-based financial system, which lengthens the approval pathway and makes changes difficult to track.

To move past this challenge, we’ve designed an automated financial workflow that delivers the right financial data to the relevant people.

This workflow collects all remittance advices and electronically feeds invoices, payments and queries into business systems at the start of each day.

The automation removes bottlenecks to money transfers and enables fast settlement of debts and financial reinvestment. Our payment processing capability also provides validation through three-way (invoice, purchase-order and receipt) matching.

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Customer stories

Video Audio


The Australia Post logo appears on a white background.


Dynamic music.


On the grounds of a university, we see the legs of casually-dressed people as they walk along paths, hallways and up stairs.

Text: How we helped a major university achieve more than a degree of cost efficiency.


When 60-odd thousand people live in the same place, it’s a major town. When the same number study or work at the one university - across 13 campuses state-wide - and receive 1.6 million mail items each year, it’s a major challenge, logistically. Or at least it was.


A man files through books on a library shelf.


With their previous provider, letters and parcels were collected from campus. Transported off-site for sorting. Then transported back.


A man and woman carrying backpacks walk across a communal outdoor area, with grand old buildings in the background.

Text: Internal mail was taking three, four or even five days to move from building to building.


Internal mail could take up to five days to go from one building to the next. Inefficient. Costly. Unacceptable.


At an Australia Post sorting facility, boxes move along a conveyor belt and underneath barcode scanners before being handled by staff.

Text: No double handling. Minimal wastage and errors. Maximum operational efficiency.


This major university looked to us for an information, mail and parcel management solution.

By combining advanced scanning technology with courier and optimised delivery routes, inbound items are now sorted at the state facility.

They’re automatically grouped for internal or external delivery and delivered at the same time as outgoing mail is collected.

Delivery points were consolidated. Delivery routes were optimised.


A female and a male student sit cross-legged on the grass, reading textbooks.

Text: The entire university was transitioned in just two weeks, with no disruption to the academic year.


Despite its massive scale, implementation was completed over the university’s Christmas break. Two weeks is all it took - to deliver faster distribution of internal and external mail, time and cost savings, and it’s only the beginning.

Together, we’re looking to gain greater efficiencies through innovative parcel delivery, digital payments and processing, and digital communications.


The Australia Post logo appears on a white background.


Dynamic music.