Changing the way we pay

Each day, more than 750 businesses and government agencies – including more than 70 financial institutions – use our omni-channel service network to streamline eCommerce and remove friction in the customer experience.

With an established digital infrastructure and retail network of over 4,000 Post Offices, we’ve developed a range of processes and platforms to help businesses and government agencies.

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Audio: So, the reality is Australia Post has always been in payments, right back from when we started to provide the money orders in our stores over 200 years ago

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Dean: The future of Australia Post being in e-commerce is now focusing more on how we help Australian businesses to sell online and how we help Australian consumers or the Australian community to be able to interact, both online, and in a physical environment.

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Dean: Probably one of the most important factors for customers when they're buying online, is knowing that they're doing it in a safe and secure way. They're looking for simplicity. So they're looking for a frictionless experience. Less clicks, less places to enter their data, and so on and so forth. And so understanding those pain points, we've worked to look at how we can provide merchants. The tools and the technology that they can leverage and use to be able to provide a much better online shopping experience. The AlphaCommerceHub and what we're bringing to market is new and it's innovative. And it really is driving the future of frictionless commerce here in Australia, which is exciting. An AlphaCommerceHub is a platform that provides Australian businesses or merchants the ability to access multiple services that they would need to improve their commerce experience through a simple interface.

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Dean: Bill payment has become synonymous with Australia Post and it's a very important part of our overall services. So, not only are we providing consumers a broader range of ways to pay their bills, but we're also providing Australian businesses, or billers, a broader range of ways to have their bills paid early and on time. So for me the future of payments is not about payments at all. The future of payments is about customer experiences, where the transfer of value just happens.

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Outsource secure processing of online payments

We’re focused on giving you and your customers more choice.

With SecurePay, your customers can securely pay how they want. You’ll be able to accept payments from all major cards and also integrated with PayPal. If your customers don’t wish to pay by card, we also offer internet payment options via POLi, which facilitates a ‘pay anyone’ direct debit internet banking payment.

Let us take care of your eCommerce needs behind the scenes, so you can take better care of your customers upfront.

Provide convenient and flexible bill payment options

Compliment your e-billing strategy and give your customers more ways to manage their bills – including paying online, scan and pay with a smartphone app, pay by phone or at any of our post offices nationwide.

Post Billpay® is an easy-to-use and cost-effective bill payment solution that can be customised to suit your business.

Customers will receive proof of payment and we provide daily financial reports to your business and bank any payment funds into your nominated account the next working day.

Extend access to over-the-counter financial transactions

Extend your organisation’s physical reach and meet consumer expectations for convenient access to in-person services when they need them.

As 98% of Australians live within 20km of a post office, our stores are an economical channel for providing over-the-counter financial transaction and bill payment services.

For example, our unique Bank@Post service allows customers who hold an account with any of our 70 financial partners to access free banking services in over 3,500 participating Post Offices across the country – and in many locations where there is no access to a branch. We support financial transactions including deposits and cash withdrawals, fund transfers on linked accounts and credit card payments.

Streamline cash incentive programs

Streamline the fulfilment process for cash reward incentive payments and reduce pressure on internal sources.

Our Cash Rewards service turns customer and employee incentive programs into a win-win situation for all parties.

Every payment is processed through a central bank that requires identity verification and is password protected at the point of distribution. This means both parties are assured that the payment will be dispensed and recorded appropriately.

Transfer funds across Australia and internationally

Quickly and easily transfer funds between two parties via our local and international Money Orders and use a delivery method that best suits the recipient.

Buying Money Orders online is a fast and convenient way to transfer funds without recipients having to divulge their bank account details. They can also decide whether they want to bank the money or cash it in straight away.

Learn more about our financial transactions and payments services