Manage and capture incoming information

To be responsive and competitive today, an organisation must be able to efficiently manage, capture and disseminate sizeable quantities of incoming business data to the right people, often across multiple locations.

We helped the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) create a mail management solution that sorts and scans all TAC’s mail each morning. The encrypted data is then sent to TAC via a secure line.

Each document is indexed, making it easy for TAC staff to sort and respond to the relevant contents. To further boost operational efficiency, the system scans and captures all TAC’s claim-related mail before noon on the same day of receipt.

Streamline information workflows

By integrating imaging and data capture capabilities, we can deliver the right information into your systems quickly and securely.

Asgard Wealth Solutions, a member of the St George Bank Group, experienced this when we introduced electronic workflows into their business. These new workflows enable digital images of incoming client correspondence to be attached to a client’s case file and delivered to the appropriate processes department.

Today we collect, sort, scan and transmit all Asgard’s incoming mail and advanced metadata into their system. This enables them to present the most critical work to relevant team(s) and ensure a more responsive client service. And as a result, Asgard has done away with paper-based client files and temporarily stores original documents before securely destroying them.

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