Establish repeatable digital workflows

By creating common digital workflows, we’re helping organisations digitise their services. As a result, they’re reporting higher levels of customer satisfaction and substantially improved operational efficiency.

Take our work with the Western Australian (WA) Police to reduce internal administration pressures and improve service levels when processing National Police Certificate applications.

Applicants' identity is verified against third party databases and an automated criminal check is conducted.

Applicants whose online applications don't need further investigation can receive their National Police Certificate within minutes. And the employer can scan a QR code on the certificate to confirm its authenticity.


Take the friction out of verifying identity

Our 2016 research into digital identity found that Australians want more control over managing and sharing their personal data when transacting with public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, regulated businesses are grappling with data privacy regulations, high compliance costs around identity verification, the rise of increasingly sophisticated fraud, and the risk of losing customers through a frustrating on-boarding experience.

In response, we’ve invested heavily in designing a digital identity solution to keep up with our digitised economy, and provide convenience for consumers, while ensuring everyone’s personal data remains safe and secure.

Our new Digital iD™ platform makes it easier for people to verify their identity online when applying for products and services while minimising customer friction during application and on-boarding. Once they have a Digital iD™ account, consumers can quickly and easily share their pre-verified identity information.

And to make it easier for people to connect with important government services such as health and community services, we’re now partnering with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to help inform the development of the Commonwealth’s Digital Identity Framework.

To learn more about the partnership, watch a short video.

Video: A complex network of joined points moves against a black background. The logos for Australia Post and the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency appear.

Text: Supporting the transformation of government services.

Video: A dark-haired man faces the camera.

Text: Peter Alexander, Chief Digital Officer at Digital Transformation Agency:

Video: Peter Alexander works with a client. A man holding a smart phone checks a gift card. A woman using a tablet holds a credit card. On a website, graphics are labelled "Information management services," and "Government Solutions."

Peter: The Digital Transformation Agency of the Australian Government and Australia Post have been working together on a range of issues for a number of years now. The most profound and the most interesting at the moment for us is Govpass, which is about digital identity. It is an identity ecosystem that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to interact with the services they need. The Trusted Digital Identity Framework is a framework that sets out the rules and policies which govern the way digital identity will operate for the Federal Government, but more broadly as a national framework to allow individuals and businesses prove who they are digitally and then transact and get services.

Video: A blonde man faces a camera.

Text: Andrew Walduck, Executive General Manager, Trusted eCommerce Services and Group Chief Digital Officer at Australia Post:

Andrew: Our contribution to the Trusted Identity Framework has come because over the last decade, we have worked hard to provide identity services to people inside of communities and we've done that through our post offices. Now, though, we recognise that people are wanting choice, so they can also do that online and from their smartphone.

Video: On a webpage the words "Verify with the Digital iD™ App" appear under a QR code. The app is opened on a smart phone, a photo ID appears on the screen. The phone scans the QR code. A message from BankNet appears on the phone. On a webpage titled "Verify with Digital iD™,” the 'Start Verification' button is clicked. A list of ID options appears.

Andrew: Digital iD™ helps people because it enables them to be able to re-use their important identity information when they want to go and apply and do something online. For organisations, they're able to use Digital iD™ as a means to be able to engage with people and ensure that they are who they say they are so that they can also transact safely and securely with the services they want to provide.

Video: As people use phones and computers, graphics depict secure transactions.

Peter: We're really pleased to be working with Post. We're really hopeful they're going to be one of the first identity providers in our accredited ecosystem, which means delivering more and more services for Australian individuals and businesses.

Andrew: So, what excites me about our opportunity to work with the DTA is the potential that we have to be able to create an incredibly important piece of infrastructure that Australia needs so that we can start to provide services that enables a person inside of a community to be able to access something that is important to them whenever they want and from wherever they are.

Video: The logos for Australia Post and the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency appear against the complex network background graphic.

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Supporting the transformation of government services

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