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How biometrics is changing identity services in Australia

Article | Digitising services

Fingerprints, voiceprints and selfies are changing the way Australians verify their identity and make payments.

Streamlining the security process at Australian borders

Case study  | Veritas

Find out how we helped Veritas design an integrated identity solution, tightening aviation and maritime security in line with new legislation.

Enabling eCommerce in a digital economy

Insight paper | Digital economy

Our insight paper looks at the key trends in eCommerce and service transactions, and how organisations can meet changing customer expectations with the next wave of technology.

Solutions to drive transformation

Omni-channel service delivery

Giving consumers the choices they expect when transacting with organisations today.

Digitised customer services

Making every digital interaction simple and secure for consumers and organisations.

Business process improvement

Driving business efficiency through process improvement.

Services for the digital age

Identity services

Delivering effective identity verification and customer authentication and enrolment services.

Financial transactions and payments

Providing omni-channel payment processing, disbursement and banking services that people can trust.

Information management services

Delivering cost savings with digital processes, and leveraging our market insights to find new customers.

Why us? And why now?

In a world of fast-moving technology, finding new ways of connecting with consumers and delivering services has its challenges.

Fusing proven experience with trusted connections – this is how we’re facilitating the kind of change that makes an impact. And by enabling improved, inclusive access to everyday services through both physical and digital channels, we’re ensuring no one gets left behind.

This is why we’re uniquely placed to deliver solutions that meet the diverse and evolving needs of consumers across Australia.

To learn more, download our solutions guide (PDF 3.6MB).

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Vision: Like this.

VO: Like this.

Vision: Parents walking at sunset.

VO: Australia Post is a facilitator of change.

Vision: Kids running along the beach.

VO: It’s how we’ve always been part of Australian lives

Vision: Overhead footage of Melbourne Arts Centre.

VO: and helped businesses grow.

Vision: Sydney CDB timelapse.

VO: And now we’re helping accelerate the digitisation of our economy.

Vision: Australia Post store.

VO: Because with our extensive physical and digital reach

Vision: Two colleagues working on a tablet.

VO: We’re in a unique position to help businesses change

Vision: Typing on a computer keyboard.

VO: .. and reach their digitisation targets.

Vision: Digital iD walkthrough

VO: Take our latest identity services offering, Digital iD, for example. As our lives move increasingly online, Digital iD provides a secure solution that works seamlessly

Vision: Female getting her passport photo taken

VO: Between digital and physical worlds.

Vision: Family going through the gate at the airport

VO: It removes friction from sign up and processes

Vision: Digital iD walkthrough

VO: where trust and identity are important.

Vision: Time series graphs on a tablet

VO: We’re also making it easier for businesses to

Vision: Paying via a smartphone at a café

VO: Deploy customised e-commerce solutions.

Vision: Online shopping via a smart phone, tablet, and laptop.

VO: From payment processing to advanced online capabilities

Vision: Customer receiving a parcel delivery.

VO: And improved delivery experiences

Vision: Business man working

VO: We can simplify how you manage your e-commerce offering

Vision: Mature lady on tablet and female student paying via smart phone.

VO: So you can focus on your business and customers.

Vision: Melbourne streets at night.

VO: And we’re just getting started.

Vision: Family with young baby looking at a tablet.

VO: Because we’re continually developing the next wave

Vision: Female typing on a laptop

VO: Of digital services to unlock opportunity

Vision: Sydney harbour timelapse at night.

VO: For the Australian economy.

Vision: Family moving in to a new home.

VO: Imagine a world where a single click updates multiple organisations of your new address

Vision: Young couple on their wedding day.

VO: Or life milestone.

Vision: Two colleagues looking at a computer screen.

VO: And where seamless access to services, identity verification,

Vision: Female entering credit card details online and boxes going through a scanner.

VO: Payments and delivery evolve with ever-changing customer demands.

Vision: Australia Post store

VO: So the next time you think “Australia Post”, think again.

Vision: Australia Post logo and URL.

VO: Think change in the making; and how we can help your organisation be ready for whatever change comes next.  

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