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Digitising services

Digital iD™ partnerships encourage online choice and confidence

Article | Digital identity

As the number of online transactions grows, so does the need to verify who you are dealing with. Through its digital identity platform, Australia Post is working with a number of providers to create a secure solution for consumers, businesses and government. Margo Stephen, Head of Australia Post’s Digital iDTM shares how.

How organisations big and small can step up cyber security

Article | Cyber security

Fraud rises in times of disruption. Learn more about what you can do to help keep your organisation and citizens safer.

The transformation of the local library

Article | Digital transformation

Australia’s libraries rose to the challenge during the COVID-19 lockdown, quickly finding new ways to keep Australians reading and providing access to valued services. From live-streaming story-time to posting items to library members, learn how libraries are adapting to the digital, on-demand age.

The value of mail digitisation in a pandemic and beyond

Article | Mail

When social distancing turned entire workforces into virtual teams, enterprises and governments had to find a new way of distributing inbound mail to the right people and functions. Here’s how Decipha stepped in to offer a digitised mail solution.

Understanding customers

The retail rush: 7 ways to prepare for next sales peak

Article | Retail

With Australian eCommerce sales on a growth momentum, now is the time to start planning for the November and December peak period. Here are seven considerations for your warehouse and retail teams to help you deliver on your customer promise.

Remaining ahead of changing customer expectations

Article | eCommerce

When COVID-19 restrictions forced physical store closures, the ensuing eCommerce spike saw 80% year on year growth for the eight weeks following the WHO’s announcement of the pandemic. To help attract and retain this new audience, ‘stores of the future’ will need to address traditional online shopping barriers.

Serving with empathy, reliability and responsiveness

Article | Customer service

Australians are likely to feel the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for some time. Understanding where and why your customers are vulnerable and meeting their needs in ‘moments of truth’ may help determine the strength of your relationships with them.

Working differently

Teaming up to help small business recovery

Article | Small business

Australia Post is supporting Small Business Australia’s Keep Well Buy Local movement, to help Aussie businesses in uncertain times.

Deloitte’s advice for forecasting sales in uncertain times

Article | Supply chain

This year’s unpredictability may make accurate sales and supply chain forecasting more challenging as retailers prepare for what is usually their busiest quarter. Deloitte’s Chris Coldrick and Craig Albiston discuss the importance of working collaboratively with logistics partners, and how scenario planning can help you adapt to supply and demand changes.

‘Home’ is where we belong: Using physical mail to drive engagement

Article | Mail

In a time when human connection has been challenging, Nextdoor has helped bring people together in their neighbourhood. When the app launched in Australia, Nextdoor turned to direct mail to drive online conversions and organic growth.

Empowering your business to harness big data

Article | Data & analytics

Silvio Giorgio, Australia Post’s General Manager of Data Science, shares how his team has transformed Australia Post’s data capability – and how it can benefit your business. 

Leading in a new reality

Article | Leadership

While Australia is cautiously moving into the recovery stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty will likely stay with us for many months. For managers and leaders guiding their people through this new reality, Beyond Blue has a few strategies for looking after your people's mental health and wellbeing.

Insight papers

Enabling eCommerce in a digital economy

In this insight paper, we share the latest trends in eCommerce, and the learnings that will help service providers compete on customer experience.

Digital licensing: Towards 2030

Our insight paper investigates how an emerging digital identity infrastructure could unlock benefits beyond ID.

A frictionless future for identity management

Our research reveals how a single digital identity could unlock billions in economic opportunity for Australian businesses.

How Australians feel about privacy

Who is more likely to trade-off privacy for convenience, and what do they expect in return?

Australia’s roadmap to eVoting

Learn how the latest research and trials can light the path towards a secure, trusted eVoting platform.

Choice and convenience drive ‘digital first’ success

Find out what citizens really want from online government services. You might be surprised.

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