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Digitising services

Why speed is the least interesting feature of the NPP

Article | Payments capabilities

Speed is the first thing that’s associated with the NPP but its design is also meant to spark innovative thinking around business processes and the customer experience.

Australia's cardless future

Article | Payment trends

Australians have quickly embraced ‘tap and go’ payments in bricks and mortar stores but our payment future could be cardless – not just cashless.

Next wave of tech in Australia’s digital economy

Article | Technology

In the near future we could be using virtual assistants to run our lives, voice technology to inform our buying decisions and connected devices to manage everything else.

Understanding customers

The future of Australia’s eCommerce growth in China

Article | Cross-border eCommerce

Australian brands are already booming in China but as competition intensifies, where are the next opportunities for sales and market share growth?

The opportunities for Australian businesses in the next chapter of China’s trade journey

Article | Cross-border eCommerce

The next chapter of China’s economic journey involves boosting imported goods and services for its consumers. This is very good news for Australian businesses.

Six tips for Australian businesses pursuing cross-border eCommerce in China

Article | Cross-Border eCommerce

China’s cross-border eCommerce boom has given Australian brands a huge opportunity for growth. But first, they need to understand the distinctive nature of this market and its consumers.

Why the customer experience is more important than ever in the digital economy

Article | Customer experience

The digital economy has changed the fundamental rules of doing business and what it means to compete. 

Working differently

Innovation with impact: How government can create real value

Article | Innovation in government

Is innovation still seen as a box-ticking exercise or is there now also a focus on tangible and even radical outcomes?

Why open standards matter for digital licensing innovation

Article | Digital licensing

Open standards in a digital licensing platform could unlock new ideas and create more opportunities for global interoperability. 

Sharing knowledge across the hemispheres: Digital innovation in the UK

Article | Innovation in government

The UK faces similar challenges as Australia in public sector digital transformation. Here's what we can learn from them.

Insight papers

Enabling eCommerce in a digital economy

In this insight paper, we share the latest trends in eCommerce, and the learnings that will help service providers compete on customer experience.

Digital licensing: Towards 2030

Our insight paper investigates how an emerging digital identity infrastructure could unlock benefits beyond ID.

A frictionless future for identity management

Our research reveals how a single digital identity could unlock billions in economic opportunity for Australian businesses.

How Australians feel about privacy

Who is more likely to trade-off privacy for convenience, and what do they expect in return?

Australia’s roadmap to eVoting

Learn how the latest research and trials can light the path towards a secure, trusted eVoting platform.

Choice and convenience drive ‘digital first’ success

Find out what citizens really want from online government services. You might be surprised.

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