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Why mail remains at the heart of Australia’s election campaigns

26 March 2019

Traditional mail remains the preferred way for Australians to stay engaged at election time. Here’s why mail is often used in an election campaign as a reliable and cost-effective way of reaching voters.

Direct mail in a digital world: Why it’s still relevant and increasingly important

18 March 2019

We crave physical connections more than ever in an increasingly digital and data-rich world. This is what makes direct mail a strong ally at every stage of the customer journey.

Why Australia Post is investing to meet online shoppers’ delivery expectations

01 March 2019

How Australia Post helped businesses meet higher customer demands around speed of delivery in December 2018.

The future of Australia’s eCommerce growth in China

26 February 2019

As competition intensifies in China’s eCommerce market, where are the next opportunities for sales and market share growth?

The opportunities for Australian businesses in the next chapter of China’s trade journey

30 November 2018

The next chapter of China’s trade journey involves boosting imported goods and services for its consumers. This is very good news for Australian businesses.

Six tips for Australian businesses pursuing cross-border eCommerce in China

23 October 2018

China’s cross-border eCommerce boom has given Australian brands a huge opportunity for growth. But first, they need to understand the distinctive nature of this market and its consumers.

The digital economy is changing - and fast

02 August 2018

The digital economy is changing the way Australians interact, connect and transact, and is now one and the same as the broader economy.

Why the customer experience is more important than ever in the digital economy

09 July 2018

The digital economy has changed the fundamental rules of doing business and what it means to compete. This, in turn, has made the customer experience more important than ever.

How Southeast Asia is shaping global eCommerce and payment trends

06 July 2018

A growing middle-class of mobile-first consumers in Southeast Asia is rapidly shaping the future of global eCommerce and payment trends.

Designing a digital experience for Generation Z

05 April 2018

When designing digital products for Generation Z, the user experience takes precedence over the technology that powers it.

Can digital identity cut through the complexities of KYC?

08 December 2017

Five representatives from Australia’s digital identity and online payments industries discuss whether digital identity can resolve the complexities of KYC and how to capitalise on its opportunities.

Five practical ways governments can drive digital inclusion in Australia

19 September 2017

Survey findings pinpoint five ways in which government can foster greater digital inclusion among Australians as it pursues its digital transformation agenda.

The myths and misconceptions of Australians’ online behaviour

18 September 2017

Government will have to address these four misconceptions of Australians’ online behaviour as part of its digital transformation agenda.

What’s holding customers back from using your online services?

14 September 2017

New research has found that digital access, ability and attitudes stand between customers and your online services.

The three drivers of online behaviour among Australians

14 September 2017

The digital divide in Australia depends on an interplay of digital access, ability and attitudes.

Challenging the myths of online behaviour in Australia

12 September 2017

New findings into the online behaviour of Australians may mean that businesses need to rethink their digital pathway model.

Balancing the convenience and privacy trade-off

16 June 2017

Organisations now recognise that a privacy policy is more about trust than compliance so it may be time for them to rethink how they’re communicating their right to collect customer data.

Using machine learning to shape the customer experience

08 June 2017

Australia Post is using machine learning to drive meaningful improvements to our products, solutions and customer experience.

The merit of methodology in digital co-creation

01 June 2017

The real value of our co-creation methodology is being able to design the best possible service experience for the end user.

Better together: 5 surprising insights into marketing channel relationships

11 October 2016

When you make a complex or significant purchase decision, your choices will be influenced by many different marketing messages on an increasing number of communication channels.

Disrupt, develop, deliver: Big lessons from small business

01 July 2016

Small business entrepreneurs have valuable lessons to teach big business, as Dirk van Lammeren reveals.

How to be truly customer centric

27 April 2016

To deliver a superlative customer experience, you need to anticipate the needs of your customers. Here's how to begin.

Solve customer problems by asking them

13 April 2016

We all strive to put our customers first, but what does being customer-centric look like in practice?

Why Digital Inclusion can take Australia forward

24 February 2016

The dawn of the digital age means a new era of connectivity, but we must urgently remedy the fact many Australians are being denied access to essential services.