Pair digital and in-person services to co-design an identity solution that meets your needs. Simple, secure and scalable.

We perform over 3 million identity checks on behalf of businesses and government each year.  With regulatory compliance and customer experience in mind, we can help: 

Reduce some of the friction associated with proving identity

Meet consumers' expectations of choice and convenience in the way they interact, transact and work with organisations.

We deliver convenient and tailored solutions – with both digital and  face-to-face capabilities – to help enable efficient, reliable and highly accessible services. Our work with the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation (DoJR) (PDF 2.2MB) is a good example of how we can streamline an application process.

Applicants complete an online application form, verify their identity online and receive a barcode via email. Their barcode is then scanned at a participating Post Office, after which retail staff retrieve their relevant data, take a compliant digital photo and process the application fee. All transaction data is sent to the DoJR on a daily basis for adjudication and fulfilment of applications.

The Australian Passport Office relies on our extensive physical network to process over 1.75 million passport applications each year, from taking compliant digital photos to verifying identity and checking supporting documents.

Conveyancing practitioners in WA, SA, Victoria and NSW use our in-store identity services to verify their client’s identity before completing a property purchase, sale or transfer. Once an identity is verified, we securely deliver the information to the conveyancer via our verification of identity (VOI) solution to reduce the risk of property fraud and support the efficient transfer of properties.

Facilitate online identity verification with Digital iD™

Every day, Australians are asked to prove who they are in order to access services and make purchases. It’s a repetitive, time-consuming process that has led both consumers and businesses to call out for a simple and secure way of identity verification.

Our new Digital iD™ platform meets those demands. This service puts consumers in control of their identity and personal information.

Once customers have a Digital iD™ they can quickly and easily share their pre-verified identity information with organisations rather than going through the full application process. This can help improve the customer experience and reduce drop-out rates.

Our on-boarding and integration model makes it easy for businesses to add Digital iD™ to their current processes and work flows without an on-boarding fee. The data is encrypted and sensitive information isn’t retained once verification is completed.

Provide simple customer enrolment solutions

Our research into the potential of a digital identity solution has found that the cost to serve and the cost of fraud and friction associated with proving identities through the current paper-based identity system, is costing our economy up to 11 billion dollars in lost opportunity every year.

By collaborating with business and government to make it easier, safer and more secure to verify an individual’s identity online, we’re helping to unlock the digital potential in many organisations and realise significant benefits for everyday Australians.

Through our partnership with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), we’re developing a proof of concept that will integrate our Digital iD technology into the Commonwealth’s Digital Identity Framework – to help government agencies streamline how they provide access to services online and over the counter.

Fulfil legislative compliance requirements

Our extensive retail network and identity capabilities enable us to conduct in-person identity checks, verify and scan various identity documents, and capture compliant digital photos and signatures.

The Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) has leveraged these in-store capabilities for over a decade to verify the identity of applicants – with the data being sent to the issuer for real time processing. 

Now, we’re also helping Australia’s leading issuers of the Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASIC) meet new legislative requirements and improve identity security.

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