Access every letterbox

In the digital age, mail has evolved to play a unique and effective role in customer communications. More than ever, customers trust physical mail.

That’s why we’re committed to providing the best mail products and delivery experiences, right across our unrivalled mail network.

Our posties deliver 2.8 billion letters per year, and continue to exceed our on-time delivery standard of 94 per cent. They’re already delivering to your customers – everywhere, every week.

Put mail to work for your business

Promote: Add direct mail to your multi-channel mix, targeting prospective customers with pinpoint precision.

Transact: Find cost-effective services to streamline the way you send bills, statements and invoices.

Fulfil: Deliver samples, welcome packs, gift cards or loyalty cards, using our flexible mail options.

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Target customers with direct mail

Proven response rates

As high as 5.1 per cent for direct mail, clearly outperforming other direct marketing media.

Source: Data & Marketing Association, 2017

Trusted by consumers

Seventy-six per cent of consumers said they trust direct mail when they want to make a purchase decision.

Source: MarketingSherpa, 2016

Boost online sales

Of consumers who received direct mail from an e-retailer, 44 per cent said they made an online purchase as a result.

Source: International Post Corporation, 2018

Support other channels

Brand recall was 40 per cent higher when direct mail followed email marketing, for example.

Source: Marketing, 2016

Plan and execute successful campaigns

Our powerful online tool, Campaign Targeter, lets you create effective promotional mail campaigns.

Use valuable customer insights – like Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas® – to target consumer segments, or use mapping features to locate your audience with precision.

When you’re ready to send, balance cost versus coverage with our reliable mail services. Choose the cost-effective delivery of Unaddressed Mail, or target right down to 400 households with Acquisition Mail.

Stay connected with customers

From building loyalty to winning back customers, our range of bulk mail services can help you keep the communication lines open.

For publications such as catalogues, magazines and newspapers, Print Post is secure, reliable and great value.

You'll find other specialised services for sending samples or different shapes and materials. And if you're sending over 4,000 items, Promo Post is a straightforward and cost-effective option.

Send in bulk and save

If your organisation sends more than 300 bills, statements or invoices at a time, you could be eligible for savings on bulk mail services.

Simply barcode your mail and sort it into trays. You’ll streamline the delivery process, and access lower prices while you’re at it.

With our help, you'll be set up and saving in no time.