Temporary suspension of Priority Letters

Due to the significant impacts of COVID-19, the Priority Letters service is temporarily suspended from 1 June 2020 until 1 July 2021.


Please note: web page and documents may not yet reflect this change.

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Target customers with direct mail

Proven response rates

As high as 5.1 per cent for direct mail, clearly outperforming other direct marketing media.

Source: Data & Marketing Association, 2017

Trusted by consumers

Seventy-six per cent of consumers said they trust direct mail when they want to make a purchase decision.

Source: MarketingSherpa, 2016

Boost online sales

Of consumers who received direct mail from an e-retailer, 44 per cent said they made an online purchase as a result.

Source: International Post Corporation, 2018

Support other channels

Brand recall was 40 per cent higher when direct mail followed email marketing, for example.

Source: Marketing, 2016